Learn how to build powerful mobile applications using React and Modern JavaScript Technologies

Easy React: Build Powerful Web Apps Using Modern JavaScript Technologies is a forthcoming hands-on guide to building applications using the amazing React library. In this book you'll learn all about React and how to integrate it alongside other powerful JavaScript technologies. Among other topics you'll learn how to:

  • Construct and assemble React components
  • Manage props and state, and understand how React detects user events
  • Configure the ultimate React development environment
  • Effectively manage your project CSS and integrate Bootstrap
  • Use a Flux framework to build React applications quickly and painlessly
  • Interact with a database and easily consume JSON data
  • Integrate user accounts and custom preferences
  • Use React Native to create a native mobile application
  • Much, much more

I'm working on the book full-time, and would love to solicit some early feedback from interested readers. Sign up for the book announcement mailing list (no spam, ever) and I'll send you the 39 page introduction and first chapter in PDF format. Alternatively, feel free to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 online now!